A.I. platform predicting the impacts of



companies and markets 

Track Government


Related to Coronavirus

Stay updated on federal U.S. policy-making related to the coronavirus (COVID-19), including tracking legislative activity and regulatory activity from over 200 federal agencies.

What does the market
think about the
election outcome?

Skopos created indices that track the market's collective prediction of the election outcome and its effects on the market.

About Us

The Skopos Labs team - including artificial intelligence researchers, data scientists, software engineers, attorneys, policy experts, and financial professionals - has created an A.I. platform decoding the intersection of policy-making and companies.

Skopos is backed by the strategic investments group of a tier-1 investment bank, Thomson Reuters Ventures, and multiple venture capital funds.

Skopos is headquartered in New York, NY.

Skopos defined:

1. German theory for translating text for a targeted purpose

2. Teleskopos (τηλεσκόπος) means "far-seeing" in Greek

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Skopos Labs is revolutionizing predictive modeling and we're looking for more bright minds eager to join a dynamic team. 


To inquire about a job, please send your CV, a link to your code repository, and a paragraph on why you'd be a great addition to the team to info@skoposlabs.com.

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