A machine learning & 
natural language processing platform for policy data
Understand and hedge policy risk.

Skopos powers leading indices related to political and policy themes, with billions of dollars traded on them.


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Stay updated on policy-making related to Covid-19 by tracking legislative and regulatory activity from over 200 federal agencies.

About Us

The Skopos team - including A.I. researchers, data engineers, attorneys, and investment professionals - created a machine learning & natural language processing platform that automatically decodes policy data.

With years of scientific research, we developed a proprietary process to transform intangible developments into quantified impacts.

Skopos is backed by a global investment bank, Thomson Reuters,

and venture capital funds. 

We're headquartered in New York.

Skopos defined:

1. German theory for translating text for a targeted purpose.

2. Teleskopos (τηλεσκόπος) means "far-seeing" in Greek.

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